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If you need to record the extensions of your Cisco IP PBX forwarded to your agents` mobile phones, Adportas RAR (Remote Agent Recording) is the solution you are looking for.


Voice and video call recorder for Cisco UC

Adportas RecKall 9 is a voice and video call recorder for Cisco UC. It is ideal for organizations who, among other things, need to comply with legal norms, monitor the quality of service or evaluate their collaborators’ performance while tending to customers.

Adportas RecKall can be installed on premise, in virtual machines or in a cloud, depending on each project’s requirements.

The user interface allows searching and reproducing all registered recordings within the Adportas RecKall servers on high availability, in a fast and simple way. User access profiling and traceability registrations deliver the necessary security to keep a strict control of actions for supervisors and collaborators.

Adportas RecKall can be configured in four capture modes: Active RecordingPassive Recording, Network-Based Recording or Cisco Broadsoft.

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    • Recording mode via Active Recording or Passive Recording.
    • Recording mode via Cisco Fork Media Cisco CUBE and Cisco Broadsoft.
    • Recording incoming and outgoing calls.
    • Permanent recording.
    • On demand recording.
    • Recording of encrypted calls (128 bit key).
    • Screen activity recording.
    • Video call recording.
    • Centralized recording of multiple CUCM clusters.
    • Transferred and conferences calls sequence recording.
    • Jabber client and extension mobility support.
    • VMWare and Red Hat compatible.
    • Central site integration with branches.
    • Silent monitoring.
    • CUCM or Active Directory provisioning for extensions.
    • Downloadable audio track edits or deliverable over e-mail.
    • Sending selected recordings from the server over direct e-mail without downloading.
    • Single Sign-on via Kerberos.


    • OS: Linux Centos version 6 or higher
    • Version nº: Adportas RecKall 9.0
     CUCM compatibility: Version 8.0 or higher
    • Recording mode: Active recording (BIB), Passive recording (SPAN port)
    • Protocol: SIP, SPAN, CTI
     Administration interface: Web/HTTP with secure access and user profiling
    Virtualization: Yes
    High availability: Yes
    • Format/audio CODEC rate: .PCM (CODEC G.729), .WAV (CODEC G.711) and .OGG (CODEC SPEEX)
    CODEC support: G.711 A-Law, G.711 μ-Law G.729A, G.722, iLBC and OPUS CODECs
    Audio storage type: open or encrypted
    Audio storage: 100 Kb/min (SPEEX)
    Audio file compression: 1:10
    Video format: .MOV
    Video storage: ZIP
    Video resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Backup: optical media, shared folders and external backup systems
    Minimum recommended hardware (mínimo): 2 GHZ DUAL CORE PROCESSOR/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB (please enquire for details)
    RecKall capacity per server: 500 extensions
    Supports Cisco IP Phone Series: 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900 (please enquire for details)


    Adportas RecKall Active Recording Server

    • Voice VLAN web visibility for recorded telephones.
    • Third generation or higher Cisco IP Phone with Built-in Bridge, Jabber or Cisco Softphone.
    Sip Trunk for telephone signaling between CUCM and Adportas RecKall.
    • Configuring Active Recording for telephones recorded by CUCM.
    CTI user in CUCM with control over all telephones to be recorded.
    • Creation of route pattern in CUCM for Adportas RecKall.
    • Creation of Recording Profile in CUCM for Adportas RecKall.
    • Installing Adportas RecKall application on PCs for screen recording.
    • Teléfonos soportados con CODECs: G.711 A-Law, G.711 μ-Law, G.729A,
    G.722, iLBC y OPUS.

    Adportas RecKall Passive Recording Server

    • Remote access via VPN.
    Cisco IP telephones.
    Span Port enabling.
    CallManager V.8 or higher.
    • Port mirroring on extensions to be recorded.
    • Network port for main recording device.
    • Supports phones with CODECs: G.711 A-Law, G.711 μ-Law, G.729A, G.722, iLBC and OPUS.


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