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RecKall LEARN MORE for Cisco IP PBX Mobile phone call recording i2m mini IoT & Telemetry gateway LEARN MORE CCKall LEARN MORE Omnichannel Contact Center IP
  • Adportas CCKall
  • Adportas IPSpeaker
  • Adportas i2M Pro-1
  • Adportas IPAC
  • Adportas MasterKall
  • Adportas TimerKall
  • Adportas LocKall
  • Adportas MessageKall
  • Adportas OperKall
We collaborate working as a team
1. Software

We develop solutions for
unified communications.

2. Hardware

We develop and manufacture
devices for IoT.

3. Support

Our highly skilled team will always do
their best to provide any help you need
while using our plarforms.

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