Cisco Preferred Solution Partner

  • Adportas CCKall
  • Adportas IPSpeaker
  • Adportas i2M Pro-1
  • Adportas IPAC
  • Adportas MasterKall
  • Adportas TimerKall
  • Adportas LocKall
  • Adportas MessageKall
  • Adportas OperKall
Adportas R+D / We love IoT
We collaborate working as a team
CCKall by Adportas


Unified Communications

We develop products that boost our partners’ added value in their final offers. By creating collaboration solutions for unified communications that optimize contactability levels for assistance groups, improvement of control and administration for IP devices and extensions, management and reporting softwares that deliver detailed information, we are always working for our clients’ complete satisfaction.

IoT solutions


IoT Solutions

We are Latin America’s leaders in designing and manufacturing devices for automation and connectivity between machinery and the internet. We believe in collaborating with our clients and enjoy the creative process that results from this collaboration. Our multidisciplinary team is capable of delivering complete hardware solutions (electronics, software and industrial design). We generate the ideas for a project starting with market needs and problematics, creating design and electronic prototypes until the desired product has been reached, then integrating a management and administration software according to each client’s requirements.

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