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Accounting and billing system

Adportas TarifiKall is an accounting and billing system designed to effectively control the flow of phone calls for any company looking to lower its corporate phone bills. It also provides immediate and detailed information of a company’s phone calls and how its telephone service is being used, resulting in higher executive efficiency and productivity, as well as reducing costs.

Adportas TarifiKall

    • Consulting over IP telephone keyboard.
    • Produces phone consumption per individual, group or cost center.
    • Analyzes consumption history by area, individual, group or cost center.
    • Various chart options according to record type.
    • Detailed monthly reports for individual Service Providers.
    • Detailed reports by management area, such as the 10 users with highest consumption.
    • Bi-annual reports, including details such as land line, cell phone, local and long distance.
    • Overall company consumption reports, including details such as type of call (land line, cell phone, local and long distance).
    • Comparative month to month variation reports.


    Version nº: TarifiKall 8.0
     CUCM compatibility: V.8 or higher
    Protocol: FTP
    OS: Linux CentOS version 6
     User interface: Web / HTTP
    Recommended hardware (minimum): 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB


    Central Server
    • Remote access for installation and configuration.
    • Network access for Cisco CUCM.
    • Send configuration of CDR via FTP from CUCM for Adportas TarifiKall

    Administrator web portal
    • Intranet http connection.
    • Creation of users and associated telephones.

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