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Virtual lock for corporate IP telephony

Adportas LocKall is a virtual lock that uses a personal password to effectively block or unblock Cisco IP telephones that support XML technology and are associated to a registered user within the Adportas LocKall server data base.

Adportas LocKall

    • Blocking over CSS (Calling Search Space) configured in CUCM.
    • Activation/deactivation from the IP telephone keyboard.
    • Personal password, per user.
    • Status for each telephone (blocked/unblocked) is monitored over a web interface.
    • Configuration of predetermined emergency calls with blocked telephones.
    • Mass blocking at predetermined times via costs center (administrator web interface).
    • Locking flexibility for personalized “one to one” blocks.
    • 1+1 contingency.


    Version nº: LocKall 8.0
     CUCM compatibility: V.8 or superior
    Protocol: AXL/XML
    OS: Linux CentOS version 6
     User interface: WEB/HTTP
    High availability: Yes
    Cisco IP Phone series: 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900. (please enquire for details)


    LAN network access with Cisco CUCM visibility in same VLAN.
    • Creation of blocking CSS in Cisco CUCM.
    • Application user supporting AXL with CUCM.
    • Creation of Adportas LocKall service in Cisco CUCM (manual included).
    • Association of telephones to Adportas LocKall in Cisco CUCM (manual included)

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