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Omnichannel IP Contact Center Solution

Adportas CCKall is a omnichannel IP contact center solution designed to improve performance of contact groups (agents) by using different modules that optimize your company’s customer assistance over phone, e-mail or chat.

The Adportas CCKall modules can be implemented either individually or as an entire pack.



Inbound Module

Adportas CCKall IVR Manager (automatic call answering).
Adportas CCKall ACD Manager (automatic multichannel distributor).
Adportas CCKall Phone Manager (virtual attendant console).



Quality of Service Module

Adportas CCKall RecKall (voice and video call recording).
Adportas CCKall Quality Manager (multichannel quality of service module).
Adportas CCKall Ticket Manager (omnichannel service ticket manager).



Outbound Module

Adportas CCKall Outbound Manager (automatic campaign dialer).



Digital Channels Module

Adportas CCKall Chat Manager (chat administrator).
Adportas CCKall E-mail Manager (e-mail administrator).

Adportas ACD Manager

Omnichannel Routing

Adportas CCKall ACD Manager is Adportas CCKall’s omnichannel routing system designed to identify, manage and distribute customer interaction from phone calls, e-mails and chats so it is properly redirected to an available agent (load balance) or the best qualified (skills) from a multichannel integrated assistance interface for agents and supervisors.

Constantly anticipating solutions that fulfill our customers’ needs is the Adportas way of doing things. We like being always one step ahead.


Multichannel routing system

Inbound Module

Adportas CCKall ACD Manager is a routing solution that enables Adportas CCKall to manage automatic distribution of phone calls, e-mails and chats between agents of a contact center.

Using load-balancing algorithms and routing by skills, Adportas CCKall ACD Manager chooses the ideal agent for phone, e-mail or chat assistance, providing all the navigation versatility of its agent web interface for a personal and efficient service experience.

Adportas CCKall ACD Manager


• Multiple assistance groups configuration.

• Smart and balanced redirecting of calls, e-mails, chats and social media posts.

• Whispering (giving and listening to silent instructions from supervisor to agent).

• Login / logout of centralized agents (supervisor) and from phone.

• Waiting line with corporate message.

• Outside business hours message.

• Queued calls pick up (supervisor).

• Number display for queued calls, e-mails, chats and social media posts.

• Displays incoming calls, e-mails, chats and social media posts.


Version: 8.0


Protocol: CTI / JTAPI

High availability.

OS: Linux CentOS version 6

User Interface: Web / HTTP

Cisco IP Phone series: 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900

Data base: PostgresSQL

Java: JDK version 7 or higher

Apache Tomcat: version 7 or higher

RedHat: version 6

Virtualization: Yes

Minimum recommended hardware: 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB


• Create network access from Adportas CCKall ACD Manager server to Cisco Unified Communications Manager with registered agent telephone numbers.

JTAPI enabled in CUCM.

• Create CTI application user.

• Port 25 for Adportas CCKall E-mail Manager.

• Port 9000 for Adportas CCKall Chat Manager.

Interactive automatic telephone response system

Inbound Module

Adportas CCKall IVR Manager is an automatic interactive voice response (IVR) system for telephone calls, capable of reproducing prerecorded voice messages interacting with a user-placed call, providing navigation over DTMF tones and data base interaction with corporate systems, both receiving and delivering information to the calling party.

Adportas CCKall IVR Manager


• Automatic Call Response.

• Greeting message (optional).

• Outside business hours messages (optional).

• Generation of navigation trees.

• Navigation via DTMF tones.

• Reception of data via DTMF for composed inquiries to external SQL databases.

• Basic TTS for information delivery (e.g., bank account balance, invoice status, shipping, etc.)

• Improves telephone contactability rate.

• Increases telephone assistance hours.

• Maximizes human assistance resources.

• 100% automated responses for data collection (e.g., balances)

• Increases business service levels.


• Version nº: 8.0

 CUCM compatibility: Version 8.0 or higher

Protocol: CTI / XML

• OS: Linux CentOS V. 6.8 or higher

• Recomended minimum hardware: 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB

Virtualization: Yes

Administration Interface: Web HTTPs with user profiling

Compatible with: MS Access/SQL server/My SQL/Oracle/Dbase/Postgres

• Cisco IP Phone series: 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900


Cisco CUCM versions 8.0 or higher.

• IP Phone models supporting XML and CTI control.

• Create CTI application user CTI in Cisco CUCM.

• Create CTI Ports in Cisco CUCM. according to simultaneous call flow generated.

• Create 2 CTI additional Ports for “HOURSMUSIC” and “HOLDMUSIC”.

Virtual attendant console

Inbound Module

Adportas CCKall Phone Manager is a virtual attendant console designed to attend calls made by agents or assistance groups registered in the Adportas CCKall Contact Center solution.

This module offers the necessary tools for the distribution of calls in a quick, efficient and personalized manner. It is directly installed onto agents and supervisors PCs, integrating to its respective web interfaces.

Adportas CCKall Phone Manager


• Call reception.

• Call transferring.

• Allows three-way conference on an active client call by inviting an internal extension if necessary.

• Can integrate to the corporate directory via LDAP.

• Creation of speed dial shortcuts to to other internal users.

• Cross platform.

• Call History.

• Displays list of multichannel queued tasks.

• Displays phone call service quality rates using KPIs.


Version nº: 8.0

• OS: Linux CentOS V.6 or higher

• Protocol: CTI / LDAP / MS Outlook (MS Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation)

• CUCM compatibility: Version 8.0 or higher


• Agent PC: Intel 1+GHZ processor, 2GB RAM, 50MB in drive for application.

• Create CTI application user for Cisco CUCM communication and control of registered phones.

Quality of Service Manager

Quality of Service Module

Adportas CCKall Quality Manager is a quality of service manager that controls and analyzes contactability rates for customer service groups within the contact center environment, providing options for proactive and corrective actions according to the data collected by monitoring tools such as reports based on skill comparisons for each agent and group, performance dashboards divided by KPIs (performance indicators), as well as service quality levels for calls, e-mails, chats and social network posts received by logged agents in the Adportas CCKall IP Contact Center.

Adportas CCKall Quality Manager


• Indicates number of incoming phone calls, e-mails and chats received.

• Indicates phone calls, e-mails and chats response percentage.

• Indicates number of unanswered phone calls (before and after 3 rings, for example), unresponded e-mails and open chats.

• Indicates number of transferred phone calls.

• Indicates number of abandoned phone calls, e-mails, chats by assistance group.

• The administrator web interface offers dashboards displaying KPIs per agent and assistance groups per channel.

• Alerts are displayed when the number of incidences exceeds the permitted predetermined the KPIs value (performance indicators).

• Generates complete reports indicating performance rates per channel (phone calls, e-mails, chats) which can be exported as an Excel file.


Version nº: 8.0

 CUCM compatibility: Version 8.0 or higher

• Protocol: CTI / FTP

• OS: Linux CentOS V.6 or higher

Administrator interface: Web HTTPs with user profiling

 Recommended minimum hardware: 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB

Virtualization: Yes

 Cisco IP Phone series: 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900


• Cisco IP telephony platform 8.0 or higher.

• CUCM CDR send over FTP configuration to Adportas Cckall Quality Manager server.

• Create CTI user with control capacity over monitored CTI enabled phones.

Adportas CCKall Quality Manager server web access to Cisco CUCM.

Voice and video call recording

Quality of Service Module

Adportas RecKall is a complete voice and screen activity recording system with two recording modes: Active Recording (BiB/SIP Trunk) or Passive Recording (SPAN).

Adportas CCKall RecKall


Active Recording, Passive Recording modes.

• Recording incoming and outgoing calls

• Permanent and on-demand recording.

• Recording encrypted calls (128-bit key).

• Screen activity recording.

• Video call recording (only in passive recording mode).

• Centralized recording of multiple CUCM clusters.

• Whispering recording (integrated with Adportas CCKall).

• Recording transferred calls sequences and conference calls.

• Recording Jabber client and extension mobility (records the extension regardless of endpoint).

• Search engine by criteria: Counterpart ANI, extension, type of call, date, duration, costs center, logs, metadata, Recording ID.

• Additional metadata integration.

• Multiple profiles for flexible user and supervisor configuration.

• Monitoring of specific ANIs.

• Tag marks on playback for easy location of important points and inserting commentaries.

• Integrated audio player and video download.


OS: Linux CentOS version 6 or higher

Version: RecKall 8.0

CUCM compatibility:  Version 8.0 or higher

Recording modes: Active recording (BiB), Passive recording (Span), MSFB

Protocol: SIP, Span, CTI

Administration interface: Web/http with secure access and user profiling.

Virtualization: Yes

High availability: Yes

• Integration: Central site with branch offices

• Format/Audio codec ratio: .PCM (CODEC G.729), .WAV (CODEC G.711) and .OGG (CODEC Speex)

• Supports phones with: G.711 A-Law, G.711 μ-Law and G.729A CODECs.

• Audio Storage Type: Open or Encrypted

• Audio Storage: 100 kb/min (speex)

Audio file compression: 1:10

Video format: .mov

Video storage: Zip

Video resolution: 1920 x 1080

Backup: optic media, shared folders and external backup systems.

Recommended Minimum Hardware: 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB (ask for details)

Capacity per Adportas Reckall Server: 500 extensions

Supports Cisco IP Phone series: 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900 (ask for details)


• Voice VLAN network visibility for recorded phones.

• Third generation Cisco IP phone with BUILT-IN BRIDGE, or higher.

Sip Trunk for telephone signaling between CUCM and Adportas RecKall.

• Configure Active Recording for recorded phones on CUCM.

CTI user in CUCM with control over all recorded telephones.

• Create Route Pattern in CUCM for Adportas RecKall.

• Create a Recording Profile for Adportas RecKall in CUCM.

• Install Adportas Reckall application in PCs for screen recording.

• Supports phones with G.711 A-Law, G.711 μ-Law and G.729A CODECs.

Automatic telephone campaign dialer

Outbound Module

Adportas CCKall Outbound Manager is a management and administration solution for the elaboration of telephone campaigns with preconfigured parameters using .CSV format listings.

Adportas CCKall Outbound Manager


• Create of programmed phone dialing campaigns by entering parameters (Date, Time, Agent, Extension).

• Create campaigns by loading a Client List on a .CSV file

• Automatically pause current campaigns if all agents unlog from it.

• All calls placed to clients are saved in a data base.

• When receiving a system-placed call, the agent consumes a web service delivering data from the contacts base associated to the current call.

• Displays activity for any given campaign, showing statistic data data for later management.


Version: 8.0

CUCM compatibility: Version 8.0 or higher

• Protocol: CTI / JAVA/ Tomcat

• OS: Linux CentOS V.6 or higher

Data base: PostgresSQL

• Java: JDK version 7 or higher

• Apache Tomcat: Version 7 or higher

• RedHat: Version 6

Administration interface: residing application with user profiling

Recommended minimum hardware: 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB

• Virtualization: Yes

• Supports Cisco IP Phone series: 6900, 7800, 7900, 8800, 8900, 9900


CPU Server HP Proliant DL320 e.

• 8 GB RAM.

• 500 GB DRIVE.

Corporate e-mail solution

Digital Channels Module

Adportas CCKall E-mail Manager is a smart routing management system for e-mails (inbound and outbound) identifying different data in each message to improve service flow using skill-based routing or load balance routing algorithms.

Adportas CCKall E-mail Manager


• Supervisor interface with KPIs performance indicators by agent groups.


• Automatically routes e-mails using filters such as subject, agent, content.

• Routing based on skills by agent.

• Routing based on e-mail load balance (most idle, circular, top down).

• Routes interactions to desired group sharing same profile ([email protected]).

• Offers complete interaction history between channels.

• Language detection.

• Synchronized data base for better information integration (CRM).

• Single e-mail address between client and agents. each agent has a personal e-mail account and communicates with client over a single address defined in the e-mail pool.

• E-mail redirection to other agent if current one will not respond within a predetermined time frame.

• Fast contact with other e-mail agents.

• Pop up notifications for new and sent e-mails, inbox, outbox and draft updates.

• E-mail queue display with fast responde option.

• E-mails display with embedded images and attached files download


• Generates preconfigured auto-responses integrated to data base for receipt confirmation (CRM / LDAP).

• Generates suggested responses based on inbox e-mail content.

• Auto fills typed words when responding.

• Third-party collaboration options within company to complete response.

• Completes customer information (pop up) and channel interaction history (integrated to CRM).


Version: 8.0

CUCM compatibility: Version 8.0 or higher

• Protocol: SMTP

• OS: Linux CentOS V.6 or higher

Administration interface: web https with user profiling (supervisor/agent)

Browser: Firefox, Chrome or Safari

Recommended minimum hardware: 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB

Virtualization: Yes

RedHat: Version 6.0 or higher

Java: Jdk version 7.0 or higher

Data Base: Postgres version 8.0 or higher

Application container: Apache Tomcat version 7.0 or higher


Linux OS version: Centos 6.0 or higher, RedHat 6.0 or higher.

• Java Jdk 7 or higher.

• E-mail distribution service application installation.

Adportas CCKall DemonioGestorMail application.

• Data Base: Postgres 8.4 or higher.

• Contenedor de aplicaciones Apache Tomcat 7 or higher.

• E-mail Ports: Port SMTP protocol

Corporate chat solution

Digital Channels Module

Adportas CCKall Chat Manager solution enables interchanging online instant messages (IM) between clients on their company website directly requesting service from the contact center agents in real time. Each agent has a dedicated screen on the Adportas CCKall multichannel web interface (contact center solution) for chat requests, helping them keep a complete view of the environment for effective interaction between service channels (telephone, e-mail and chat).

Adportas CCKall Chat Manager


• Real time chat queueing.

KPIs visualization.

• Several chat sessions can be held at the same time.

• Allows internal chats between supervisor, agent and/or other company areas.

• Determines the moment of incorporating a web client to a chat with an agent.

• The chat transcriptions are stored in the system database and can be redirected to the supervisor for analysis.

• Personal information of clients is protected by a mask.

• Access link to pre-chat inscription form and post-chat registrations.

• Prerecorded messages.

• Messages can be sent to predefined groups of agents.

• Message history between peers.


Version nº: 8.0

 CUCM compatibility: Version 8.0 or higher

Protocol: HTTPS / MTLS

• OS: Linux CentOS V.6 or higher

Administration interface: Web HTTPs web https with user profiling (supervisor/agent)

Browser: Chrome 56.0 or higher, Firefox 51.0 or higher, Safari 5.0 or higher

Recommended minimum hardware: 2 GHz dual core processor/ RAM 8 GB/500 GB

• Virtualization: Yes

• RedHat: Version 6.0 or higher

• Java: Jdk version 7.0 or higher

 Data Base: Postgres version 8.0 o higher

• Application container: Apache Tomcat version 8.0 or higher


Java 7 or higher.

Apache Tomcat 8 or higher.

• Data Base PostgreSQL.

• Linux-Based OS.

• 9000 Port.


a) Chrome 56.0 or higher.
b) Firefox 51.0 or higher.
c) Safari 5.0 or higher.

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